About Temple

Hanuman Kovil, Edavanna is a well known Hanuman Temple in Malappuram District of Kerala. It’s famous for ‘Uthrada Sadya’ Festival on First Onam of every year. Annadanam and Rice Distribution on Uthradam day of Onam, Vidyarambham and Saraswathi Pooja on Vijayadasami, Special Poojas and Offerings on Vishu are important functions of this temple.

Hanuman Kovil is situated on Kozhikode-Nilambur-Gudallur Road just before Edavanna Town.

Dr. Jithesh Babu

Dr. Jithesh Babu, the Main Tantrik of the temple is well known for his advice and guidance that has provided succor to many a soul in distress. He is assisted by a team of experts and a well organized office network.

His contribution in the socio-cultural field include financial and material support to poor students, mental, physical, financial and medical aid to the needy.

His experiences in his own words …

“..After my school days, I started my career as a goldsmith. I felt some uneasiness in my life and career in those times. But I continued my career ignoring them. At the age of 19, I recognized I have some supernatural changes and I conveyed it to my parents. Being a traditional Hindu family my parents took me to a well known astrologer to find the root cause of these changes. To our surprise he found the Grace of Hindu God Hanuman on me. He found it happens to very rarest people. He advised to continue to hold this Grace on me so that it could help in giving good fortune to the society. But my parents denied this offer and asked him to take away the Grace from my body. He found there is no cent percent recovery from this and sent us back agreeing he’ll do whatever he could, to take away the same. On his command we did ‘Tantrik Karma’ and kept away this Grace and I got married at the age of 25.

In 2002, I accompanied my friend to a famous Tantrik Sri. Narayana Warrier, Thrikkovil Variyam, Kolappulli, Shoranur. He recognized the Grace in me when he saw us and he had a special meeting with me. He found that I’ll be under the control of this Grace within two years and advised me to meet him if I recognize it. As I was not interested in that I ignored it. I continued my gold business with around eight people working for me. Within a year the Grace entered my body with more power. I tried all methods to avoid it. When nothing worked I again went to Shoranur to meet the Tantrik. He told this Grace will not leave me and it will continue to be with me forever. On his order I did Poojas and Karmas and did my ‘Upanayana’ in 2004. I became a disciple of him and followed his Tantrik advice. Soon I came in contact with many renowned people. One among them was Psychiatrist Johnson Airur who recommended me to take Doctorate in Spirituality. I received my Doctorate in July 2008. Now, with the grace of Lord Hanuman, and with the recommendation of famous astrologers I do ‘Poojas’ and ‘Karmas’ for the needy. With no barriers of culture, wealth, religion, I help people who are in need of mental and physical happiness.

On recommendation of famous astrologer Sri. Mukkam Unnikrishna Pannicker we did ‘Thamboola Prasna’ [A karma to know the in-depth about Temple] and came to know that the Idol of Sri Rama and presence of Lord Hanuman and other Devas are there around 10 feet below the current Hanuman Temple. The grace of Lord Hanuman has increased since then.”